Laura Rossi  

Cod. P/503-1

Cod. P/503-3                                      
This and others pictures  of  Laura Rossi 
on the topic 
are exposed from the 20 to 29 January 2001 to room EFER of  Largo Castello 12, Ferrara. 

Mister Perlasca, city council member of Padova, will participate to the inauguration. Mister Perlasca was son of George, the " Italian Schindler " to which the people Hebrew have dedicated a cross in the museum of the Holocaust of Jerusalem. 


Cod. P/503-2

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The artistic group  " NUOVA OFFICINA FERRARESE "
President Laura Rossi 
It has center in Via Cassoli n° 39, 41 and 43 in Ferrara - 44100 
tel. 0532 / 773771 fax 0532/779399 

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An other appointment of analogous historical 
and artistic value - that it will come introduced in 
exclusive right and preview on this web site - 
it regards the tragedy of  " FOIBE CARSICHE ".
Such extension promoted from the President Laura Rossi 
it will be prepared in the palace of the provincial 
Administration of Trieste in February and to the term 
the works will be donated to the city as homage to the victims.