With a little bit of imagination,  with your daddy and mummy  we can find out several way to make a puppet.
We would like to suggest one of our invention by which you can use  simple material, easy to find.

  • Pricked tennis-ball
  • Glue
  • Oil paints and water colors
  • Paper and newspapers
  • Wool and rags
  • Scissors

Make a little hole on the tennis ball 
and put in two fingers.
Cover the ball by sticking some wet papers 
To make the ears, the eyebrows, the nose,
the lips, you have to roll into a small ball
some wet papers.

To make the hair, beard or moustache you can color the ball or styck wool thread.

You can use coloured  thin 
cardboard to make a hat.

You can paint the hat in distemper

To make clothes you can use old stuff or cotton cloth 
here it is an example

That's the Davil


Other examples ....