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The "Ceramiche del Duca" Art Workshop started its activity in 1997 in the heart of Ferrara, the historical renaissance capital, thanks to the initiative of the ceramist Alberto Lunghini.
At the artisan workshop entrance, visitors are welcome by a wide assortment of ceramics and majolica and each piece has been hand-forged and painted.
A great care is devoted to object representing the ancient Este's decorations: nobles, ladies-in-waiting and knights are protagonists of evocative ceramics once again. But also the new decorations are always carefully studied and elaborated by the artist himself.
All Alberto Lunghini's ceramics are pieces of a great charm, representing the result of a meticulous research and of an exhaustive study, impressed by the purest craftsmanship where water, earth and fire are the real protagonists.

Art Workshop
"Ceramiche del Duca"

of Alberto Lunghini

44100 Ferrara - Italy
P.zza Trento Trieste, 64
tel. ++39.0532.207720